Floral Wonders (haiku delights)

Happy weekend everyone.

So I got permission from Amy Rose of Connecting beyond to try and serenade the amazing images in her recent post; Spring’s first Act

She’s a remarkable photographer and her shots ooze so much depth and emotion.

I hope you enjoy these haikus I composed for her outstanding images..

lavender blossoms
born from lilac winter dreams
a sprinkle of spring


secret world within
blooming with rich golden warmth
thawing winter’s chill


Violet delights
teeming with inner beauty


Fair and lonely star
seasons revolve all around
your light endures


yellow colony
triple threat territory
a gorgeous domain


Florescent Angels
ethereal and divine
how I love you so


Oh beacon of spring
heralding new ideas
at winter’s ending


Hope you enjoyed these haikus and Amy’s photography.

If you’re looking for more quality photography, go on over and give Amy’s blog a peek here;

Connecting beyond

P.s, these flowers are all grown by her in her own garden.

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