Renewed Love (A Crown Cinquain)

Colleen’s challenge A cinquain challenge

subtle but deep
lips that tease, eyes that lure
delicate words dipped in honey

Love me
reach out, touch me
for my heart is open
and all my body surrenders

enslaved, entranced
bastard feelings return
emotions hitherto disowned

Moon, sun
all light inflames
like an orchid she blooms
lustful by night, angel by day

Us together
re-living love anew
tastes of first times, a kiss lingers

For all those couples quarantined together, a poem to inspire you to renew and replenish estranged relationships.

36 responses to “Renewed Love (A Crown Cinquain)”

  1. The feelings have been done so much justice. Although I’ve never been in love but this sure his something in me. Lovely as always!

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  2. Very romantic and sensual Jude. I like how you ensured that it made a perfect crown, they all mesh perfectly together, one seguing on to the other building in intensity towards the end. Excellent stuff πŸ™‚

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