I’m not so good with award nominations on WordPress.

So I’m saying thank you, the best way I can, to all those who have nominated me for awards in the past two months, here’s some special poetry.

I’ve also provided links to their blogs at the end

It’s borne on a delicate breeze
Unseen and yet perceived
As it ripples through the quiet waters of intuition
And caresses the turbulence of suspicion
Can you feel it?
As it smoothes those lines of worry
And soothes the aches of stress
As it permeates even the toughest of skins
Cleansing one’s essence
Infusing that scented euphoria whisked from summer blooms.
For what better way to tame the savage beast that life can be,
Than with gratitude and love

Please check out these amazing blogs. You won’t be sorry you did.

Roshni – nominated me for the ero-blogger award
Alexis Watts – nominated me for the Vincent Ehindero Award
Pensitivity – nominated me for the original outstanding blogger award

4foodssakeeat – nominated me for the Liebster Award
Estherikott – nominated me for the Vincent Ehindero Award

Thank you all so much, I haven’t answered the nominations in an orthodox way but there are many ways of showing gratitude

Hope everyone enjoys the poem
Stay safe, stay loving

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