Forgotten Dreams

What is a broken dream
Where does hope go when it leaves a wary soul
When sparks of happiness flicker and fade amidst despair
If only we could see across the astroplane
Into the world of forgotten dreams
If only we could witness their virtue and wonder
The beauty they bring to the forlorn realm across the veil

Take a breath and close your eyes, imagine…
Abandoned dreams that wonder like butterflies in a flowerless world
And yet still they float, like tiny moons through a decadent night
Graceful and delicate
Fluttering celestial ambience like pollen from fluorescent wings
Stardust that lights the night air with ethereal beauty
Can you see the power of dreams, as it sprinkles upon the barren soil
Sprouting golden mushrooms that twinkle across the land
Can you see it now
That Elysium of forgotten dreams

Now open your eyes and recall
Open your heart and free your soul
Your neon butterfly dreams and the wonders they brought to a darkened world
Imagine the beauty and happiness they hold in store for you

I wrote this for Sadje’s what do you see photo prompt

May we never give up on our dreams and may we find the courage to shape them around the lives we have now, no matter how young, no matter how old

Stay safe, stay dreaming

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