Who Am I? #haibun

Colleen’s weekly challenge

Image by Huda Nur from pixabay

From lore to legend
Through fables and myths construed
I’ve endured it all
Is it true I’m dark as sin
Noir and deep as emotion

So much has been said about who I am. So little of who I truly am remains.

In the middle ages, it was said that I was a witch, shifted to prowl the night and curse my enemies.
I laugh at this and yet I cannot recall, for I have seen through the Gifted’s eye.
My sight plunges into the depths of souls, and my instinct speaks as loud as the enemy’s howl upon a full moon night.
How is it that I can always tell what’s benign and what is sinister?
Who am I really?

Once in far-east Japan I was honoured and treasured, thought to help single ladies find worthy suitors.
I smile at this for I’ve always known that this glistening coat of fur, dark and beautiful as onyx, could never have been a curse.

And yet many fear me. Many have sought to put me down, seen my difference and labelled it evil.
Am I really what they say?

Noir and deep as emotion
Is it true I’m dark as sin
I’ve endured it all
Through fables and myths construed
From lore to legend

I am who I am

I enjoyed writing this from the feline’s point of view, I hope you enjoy reading it too.
Sometimes we let what people say about us define us. Nobody but you has the power to define you.

P.S , I hope you notice that the bold bit of poetry at the end is actually the tanka poem i used at the beginning, but in reverse.(a perk of the tanka poetic form)

Stay safe, stay inclusive.

eugi’s weekly prompt

64 responses to “Who Am I? #haibun”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this, Jude–and especially how you reversed the tanka at the end. Though I’ve loved all my animal companions, and I know they talk, I’m not usually a fan of tales told by animals, but I did like this one.

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  2. Jude, even better the second time around and perfect response to the prompt! Plus, I think it is a superb idea to pull from our archives because otherwise our hard work just sits and collects dust.

    Liked by 1 person

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