Nature’s Avenger

What do you see #37

Slumbering Gaia
Your daughter takes nature’s reigns
Goddess of Vengeance

Mother weakens and so she descends
Beautiful as the blood moon
Terrible as a curse
Her face adorned in flaring gems of starlight
Her eyes red as wrath
Veined purple with retribution

She comes to punish man’s impudence
His blithe exploitation of the earth
His selfish endangerment of the animals
And his relentless plough of earth’s precious flora
This time she smites all of man
And she smites hard
A pandemic unleashed

Faultless hummingbird
Your flowers will bloom again
With man held at bay

I hope this leaves an impression

Stay safe, and stay caring for nature

78 responses to “Nature’s Avenger”

  1. Yes, it is a punishment meted out by mother nature to her wayward children. Well, I hope man learns a lesson through this pandemic.
    Your words have done absolute justice to the prompt. Simply super writing Jude !!

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    • Thank you so much Rhadika, there was something about this image that Sadje chose. It just has so much depth, I’ll be reading all the other submissions with verve


  2. This is thought-provoking and beautiful. it relates to so many things. i honestly would now really love to read a short story written by you.

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  3. Feeding those who are food insecure comes to mind… they should not suffer. I tend to believe that Nature is an independent entity… created and left ~ which includes the humans living on earth. Spin some other outer worldly gods into the mix and human’s faults can be blamed on everything but the people themselves who create their own messes…. I am not one to believe that the pandemic is a cruel punishment. But a learning experience. Which in some eyes humanity is failing. There are just to many unanswered questions about humans… if they are allowed by nature to be fruitful and multiplicity – then there will be wars over territory. Greedy attitudes and misconduct. Choice is a responsibility that not all use wisely.

    (oh… besides running a tad late in visits…one of your comments ended up in spam…I unspammed it… and hope to catch up before the next thunder storm due in this afternoon.)

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    • You make a very valid point Jules. However the belief that there’s a higher being/beings that can hold us accountable to our transgressions is sometimes the only thing keeping many people at bay. Without it, I don’t think we’d transcend the chaos that would ensue.

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      • Even in some traditional texts: The Higher Beings are a) gifted omnipotence (which if they were would anything bad happen at all? And then wouldn’t all prayers be answered?) b) are gifted human emotions (as some claim humans are in the image of such creators. c) The Higher Beings with the desire for vengeance (as displayed in many ancient texts) is/are no better than the humans they created.

        If ‘Power’ were looked at in just positive and negative, Yin and Yang forces then things should balance out or one would think with all the prayers for healing err to the side of healing…. I think sometimes especially with the political climates in such disarray (Including the US and all countries as well) that chaos has already ensued. However I would still like to believe that good will triumph, with or without the aid of some being that seems to be very picky and chooses to hear only the voice of certain peoples.

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      • I think chaos is relative as well, people in countries with guerilla warfare see chaos much differently from those in countries with stable governance. And yet they still hold to the morals of goodness steeped in divine beliefs, where otherwise it would be justified for them under such life threatening conditions of terror to demoralise and adopt a survival for the fittest/strongest mantra.
        I believe spiritualism helps the majority of people to transcend the animal instincts in all humanity.

        The essence of spirituality is morality and thus higher moral authorities to hold us accountable now or in the future

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  4. I don’t think Mother Nature had anything to do with the smoting, Jude. A virus is only the natural order of things here on planet earth. It is what man has done and how man has reacted that has caused such havoc upon this earth today, not Mother. As always this is my opinion as how I see what is being played out now.

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    • Maybe. I’m just using imagination and a bad situation to call attention to conservation. Because while in lockdown, pollution has really gone down. But I understand that this might be man made and man spread. Thank you Amy

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      • Aw, thank you, Jude, and I also agree with you that pollution is wayyyyyy down. I’ve never seen our skies so clear and so blue. Never. As a result I’ve observed when I’m out in the sun, it is very very hot and burns at times. Good to know as well, you’ve got your eyes open. Bless you!! xo

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  5. You aced this one with the message and the words. Let’s not forget that nature is really in control. We have to do a better job of taking care of the planet, or it might want to stop taking care of us.

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