Market day

Colleen’s weekly challenge poet’s choice.

Merchants on the street
Vivacious and inviting
Draped in eloquence
Buoyant smiles flash behind stalls
Eager hands frisk within stock


To touch the velvet skin of fresh apples
So much choice, so many to pick from

To savour the pop and plop of a sample berry
Its bliss, exploding in your mouth

To smell the fragrance of different greens
Chlorophyll delights of every kind

To hold the solid texture of tubers-
bred within the earth
Shapes and shades of every regard
Carrots and yams
Ca-ssava, potatoes

Oh! To sigh from the wistful memories of your dormant senses!

How I miss the market day!
As my order comes,
from who knows where
Disinfected, of its earthen flavour
Nature’s Je-ne sais-quoi
Sanitized away!

Alas, these changing times!

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