Introvert bliss

what do you see #38

Oh quiet one,
Are those wonders that glisten in your eyes,
Won’t you share the stories within

A timid mind’s bliss
Where mysteries unravel
And adventure stirs within the soul
As shyness wanes, courage takes control
And the inner spirit calls
Come to me it says
Come be free

Can you see?
Those curved ancient stairs
Winding to your tower of dreams
Its slate-gray hue on a backdrop of blue
Can you smell that rich fresh air
washed through silver mountains of hope
How exciting your mind is
When you are alone
When spirit calls


Old wizened spirit
To be alone is to heed your call
My introvert bliss

Being alone can be really soothing.

But too much solo time means we miss out on extending experience and learning from others.

Stay safe, stay dreaming, stay involved.

P.s check out my brand new feature, The Saturday Symphony for something new.

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