Behind the Beauty (An etheree)

Gifted with beauty, cursed with seduction
Is it her fault she evokes such lust
Is she wrong to wield it and gain
To flaunt her ruby red hair
Honey sweet lips that tease
Tapered waist and hips
A classy dame
lythe with lies
Cursed yet graced
What choice to make
Envied but twisted
Or admired and abused
Is beauty truly her curse
braided in her coral dark locks
Or does a monster hide deep within
Far behind those fertile green and brown eyes

Beauty is a gift
But in a cruel world
Those endowed often face but two options
To suffer it as a curse
Or to wield it as a weapon

I wrote this etheree poem for Colleen’s weekly challenge , the prompt was chosen by Jaye

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

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