Sequestered Dreams (A Garland Cinquain)

Colleen’s weekly challenge photo prompt:

Image by Sally Cronin @ WordPress

Dreams lost at sea
Woven within secrets
Bound by duty, threaded in fear

Beyond spiked rocks
Across the everglades
Hope’s meadow blooms resplendent

Drenched beneath waves
A pebbled myriad –
paves the way to lush frondescence

High tide
Seeking to drown
But spraying pearls instead
Adorns the path to happiness
To peace

My dreams
Lie discarded
And yet they call to me
From shores of possibility

Beyond spiked rocks
A pebbled myriad –
adorns the path to happiness

It’s never too late to follow your dreams

For Colleen’s photo prompt this week, I wrote a garland Cinquain.
This is a combination of six cinquains
Each stands alone,
But together they form one whole.

Its deeper beauty comes in the final 6th cinquain, that is;
Line1 from line1 of the 1st cinquain.
Line2 from line2 of the 2nd cinquain… and so on…
Until line5 from line5 of the 5th cinquain.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

Stay safe, and keep chasing those dreams.

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