Secret Admirer

Is it your smile
that dazzles me
The softness of your voice
that comforts me
The light in your eyes
scrying my future joys
Am I selfish
for thinking you are the answer
for dreaming you can want me too

I’d like to tell you-
I’m under your spell
I’d like to speak my mind
with the melody from my heart
I’d like to say, I love you
But I cannot
Lest I spook and alarm
For already,
You are too precious to lose
And a little bit of you
Is better than none at all

Paramour of dreams
Peculiar with perfection
My heart surrenders
betrothed and bound to love you
Meant to be, Never to be

© judeitakali

The love we give does not vanish. It comes back in different forms

~Hemalather Ramesh~

Stay safe, stay loving.

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