Whispering trees #haibun

For Colleen’s weekly challenge .

Tell me Redwood
Your secrets gathered over centuries
The beauty you’ve seen
And the sorrows you’ve weathered
Can you show me, old willow
How long you have loved
And how lonely you have been
Each leaflet a tale
Each branch a lesson

Verdant forest glades
Filled with eucalyptus dreams
Colour me dazzled

Those aphrodisiac delights
Beneath hydrangea, maple and myrtle
Flavours of home
The wind singing through pines
Mahogany, shading down relief
Each flower a memory
Each root, hope

Soft wondering breeze
Cool messenger of the trees
Scented with deep truths

Colleen’s theme prompt chosen by Sue for this week is a quote;

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them can learn the truth

~Herman Hesse~

I hope you enjoy this
Stay safe, stay loving.

68 responses to “Whispering trees #haibun”

  1. This is beautiful, this reminds me something I always think when I visit an old forest, the amount things it has seen and stories it could tell.

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  2. I’m especially drawn to the lines about the willow: how long has it loved and how lonely it must be. There were two, very tall willow trees at my childhood home. One night, one of the willows fell in a storm, covering the backyard. The other tree remained, alone.

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  3. Your last haiku… so true. I think the tree most surely would tell us all they could – if we would just listen. 😀

    I look out my picture window near where I write and think of all the birds homes, the squirrels nests, the day and night visitors…

    I’ve found three or four different owl feathers – over the years…

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