The Saturday Symphony #4

Hi guys, welcome to the 4th edition of The Saturday Symphony.
I’m glad you are all well enough to read this.
And I pray you get even better.

Here’s a little something to kick us off;

Hey there!
Yes, you with the eyes
How beautiful you are
Sitting there, lying down, standing up
The way your gaze caresses these words
The way your lips shape their rhythm
How precious you are
How special your time
How lucky those words

I hope that got you in the reading mood

To know more about this weekly feature, visit the first edition HERE

This week’s three featured posts

  1. Twilight by Radhikaa beautiful new form of poetry with Beautiful imagery
  2. Always show up by Vickypoignant and strong advice
  3. Vanilla smoke by Jay Bleuso fragrant and extremely relatable



~Write about your favourite musical instrument(s) and the things it/they make you feel~

You can share with me in the comments section,
Or link back to me in a post that you write.
Any form of writing is okay.

Ponderous writers from last week’s feature

“Watered by the rain” (to see last week’s full post, click here )

Next Saturday

Please share your thoughts and feels on the ponderous thought above(the music of my soul) in the comments section below,
You have all week if you choose to.

You can do this by writing a post and linking back to this post,

Or by pasting the link to your inspired post in the comments section below so I can find it real quick.

I’ll feature it too, under the ponderous writers from last week section, in next week’s edition.

Final remarks

I hope you visit this week’s featured posts and the ones highlighted from last week’s prompt.
Read, like/comment.

I welcome any ideas on how I can improve this feature within its theme of sharing and interaction.

And I more than welcome your participation.
Stay safe and stay loving.

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