Encounters from Beyond. (A short story)

This is inspired by stories from two awesome people, Saly and Pooja .
(click on their names to visit their sites)

From the moment I opened my eyes
I could feel that day was different
Special because it was perfectly normal
The sun shone bright but not hot
And a cool rosy breeze fanned all through the house
My morning routine passed without a hitch
I read, exercised and rewarded myself with unhealthy snacks

The late afternoon would find me at my favourite diner
With two of my favourite friends
And that’s when this gay auspicious day
Took on a sinister flavour

It began with a selfie
Us three, enjoying our gluttonous meal
And as I admired that high definition image
for the upteenth time,
I noticed a face in the background
Pale, gray and forlorn
A girl who used to work there
Before she died, three months ago!

I tried to show my friends
But they said it was someone passing by
blurred in the background
And so, uneasily, I shrugged it off

The evening brought us to our favourite pier
Throwing pebbles in the lake
Gazing at the full moon reflected on the water
Reminiscing upon the star strewn ripples on the surface

I felt something cold pass through me
and wondered for there was no breeze
I looked around and then I saw them
Dressed in plush exquisite 80s’ attire
A spectral couple, hand in hand, gliding to the land
Remnants from dock revelries long ago

I blinked and there they still were
Walking and disappearing through the brush
Afraid to ruin our merriment, I kept it to myself

I woke in the middle of the night
Beneath my sheets was a furnace
Above them, a glacial chill
The temperature all awry
Something felt wrong
As flashes of my sightings played through my mind

The tap in the bath gushed water on its own
Footsteps coming from within
I fidgeted to dial for help
but the bathroom door began to creek
And I flung the blanket over me
Pretending to be asleep

Something dragged against the floor
Slowly scraping its way towards my bed
I wanted to scream but fear froze me
Then silence!
Deep and engulfing
My heart sprinting a marathon

After what felt like hours, I peeked above the blanket
And my heart skipped a beat!
A spectre stood at the foot of my bed
Watching me
Translucent and dossile
Just watching

It looked me in the eye
And then began to fade
A ghost of a leer left behind

Most times I forget
But somewhere within my mind
Memory lingers

Just because you don’t see something, it doesn’t mean it does not exist.

Jackie from calmwildness encouraged me to write a short story. It was really fun.
I hope you all enjoy this one.

Cheers again to Pooja of lifesfinewhine and
Saly from theresaly520 for sharing the stories that inspired me to write this.

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