How to love you (A tanka and a Sonnet)

Colleen’s weekly challenge .

Lover’s dream
Fueled by mysteries
Don’t you know
What I feel for you
How should I love you

Sweet like a morning berry dripping with dew
Fragrant like cherry blossoms blooming in spring
Such love and such desire, you always bring

Mamacita, my soul swoons with you in view
And my heart beats with a rhythm anew

Mon Amour, like a siren your whispers ring
Carrying your love, beyond me on wings

Milady, I beseech, can’t you see the clues?


Love is a feeling that demands a deed
Lest sadness take over, close as a spouse
How must I show, what I feel indeed
Knowing that heartbreak, it might arouse
What secrets are held in that lover’s creed
What must I do, what must I denounce?

I used the Petrarchan Sonnet for this week’s poet’s choice.
I hope you enjoy it

Stay safe everyone, stay loving

38 responses to “How to love you (A tanka and a Sonnet)”

  1. I think one good compromise of any couple is to not worry about the past and concentrate on the future. Only once did I ever have a conversation about ‘others’ and basically was told ‘I’m here now and that is all that matters’ – so on that cue I never have nor will ask about passed companions.

    However… one needs to remember there are no stupid questions. One might not like the answers provided. But answers cannot be guessed at if the question is never spoken. 😉

    Better you than me for any sonnet form 😉
    Well done!

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