Growing Dreams and Saving Talents #poetry

The little boy says,
he’d like a dollhouse

The little girl says,
she’d like a Lego set

He wants to re-enact the fairytales in his book
Rapunzel with a twist
A prince calling for her to lay down her hair
And rescue him from an evil beast

She wants to build an awesome world
Unencumbered by gender
Where little girls pilot the latest crafts
And build the greatest cities

His father says no! You must be a man!
Buys him a transformer instead
His unknown dreams of being a writer
Flashing down the drain

Her mother says no! You are my little princess!
Buys her a Barbie instead
Her proclivity for invention
Fading beyond the horizon

What must a boy like
What must a girl have
When blurred lines and liberal times
Send fear down a parent’s spine
When culture and vogue collide
Killing dreams beneath their boots

The morals we pass
Should be woven around dreams
Not crashed onto talents unpursued

And though difficult it may be
When gender lines dissipate
Whatever we may believe and want to impart
A softer touch goes the longest way
Kindness leaves the deepest mark
Understanding shapes the brightest talent

© judeitakali

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Stay safe everyone, stay inclusive

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