Pandemic Romance #poetry and #prose

To be trapped with one you thought you’d never love,
One for whom you’d never spared a second glance.

To trudge the path of loneliness,
and stumble upon serendipity.
With nowhere to go,
you see the world through a focus lens.
And your eyes fall upon she,
that has always been by your side.

It starts with a ripple
Then hits you like a wave
You see it come
But cannot evade
Clouds caress the crescent moon
A chill hangs on the evening breeze
The night ashiver with excitement
Icy winds inflaming lustful thoughts

Within despair, she’s your only delight
You watch her closely for once
Crave that mellifluous laugh
Savour that glistening smile
Your heart racing at her slightest touch

An owl hoots as the lone wolf howls
A night like any other
And yet like no other
None of you can say
But both of you can feel
The charged electrons between you
The shy desire flickering in your eyes
The desperate need threatening to spill over

She laces her hand in yours
A silent assurance
Soft but firm
Tender but eager

You both can barely make it home
Barely hold on to restraint
Your lips clash as you struggle for keys
Blood pulsing as you barge through the door
Ripping madly at the fabric in between

Sequestered together
Longing side by side
Loving each other

Amy Rose photography

Visit herladypinkrose to see more of Amy’s soulful photography.

For even in the worst of times, love finds a way.

Stay safe, stay loving.

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