Hesitant to love you #poetry #writephoto

Hesitant to love you #poetry #writephoto

I’m nervous for this week and I can’t understand why.
I feel something impending and I just can’t shake that feeling.

But for now I’ll keep writing each night, and try to alleviate this trepidation.

Does your sixth sense go haywire too?

Anyway, the ponderous thought from this week’s Saturday Symphony inspired me to write this,

Hesitant to love you

The love withheld
Is the one we want the most

Desire leaks from your supple lips

As they moisten my cheek with a kiss veiled in innocence

Your fingers graze my arm as you turn to leave
Your need raking lust through my nerves
You know I want you
But you want me to love you

Alas, I do not remember how
My broken heart carries only a phantom love
A shade of the dreams you see in me
My mind is willing
But my soul beseeches reprieve
Yearns for a haven clouded from love’s scorching rays

You have fallen for a silhouette in the dark
You do not know what dawn will reveal
You have clasped onto the ecstasy of saving a damaged soul
Got lost in the euphoria of blind love
Potential, your drive
But also your doom

You cannot understand
Why I withhold this love of mine
You cannot know
How my spirit desires and despises this feeling
Wounded, fading in and out of love
A lost firefly in the dark
Seeking rest and respite

You cannot tell
that I am not good for you

That it’s because I love you
that I spare you from this mutilated love

Dandelion dreams
Float away on ailing winds
Love lost forever

Six word story

Finding inner peace makes love bloom.


Also for;

Don’t forget to check out this week’s Saturday Symphony for some reading bliss.

Stay safe, and stay loving.

58 responses to “Hesitant to love you #poetry #writephoto”

  1. So beautiful. Love this line “You have fallen for a silhouette in the dark”. But also, those last four lines triggered a memory I have of long ago. I didn’t know I needed this. Awesome work, Jude!

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  2. So there with you on that feeling, sometimes nerves are too bound to relax.
    Beautiful words, very deep and thoughtful ❀️❀️, I love the haiku a little too much.

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  3. …Speaking of fireflies… there are actually several species. One in particular just mimics others to steel their mates!

    Anyway… sometimes those that are broken resist healing… love will come hopefully before the gifter decides to walk away.

    Blooming love does need two to tango πŸ˜‰

    Hope you do have a good week. Sometimes it is just the weather that makes us feel altered in some way. Keep cool and carry on!

    (I thought this was for something different but then I read it was for the current WritePhoto πŸ™‚ )

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    • Yeah, it went a bit deep and also other prompts fit in it. I’m feeling more positive now. That’s interesting about the fireflies. Thank you so much Jules for the care. It’s really heartwarming πŸ€—

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  4. I love all the different forms in this piece. Lovely, Jude! Also, have you ever given LTheanine a try to help with the jitteriness? Sometimes I just have anxiety that causes some unease for no apparent reason. That’s when I take it and it has helped!

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  5. I really like the line “I don’t remember how” because I think that is so true of so many people who have had their hearts broken. You think you are giving the best love and then it gets tossed back at you.

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