A Sabbatical and finding magic.

Me standing, with some old friends who are seated. Somewhere in Uganda

Hi guys, I’m going to be away for this coming week so I won’t be reading your posts but I’ll be back next weekend.

I’ll keep tabs on the posts I can and on the ponderous writers for this week’s Saturday Symphony#8

Also, it’s almost the 1st of September. Another year, and I still think my Hogwarts letter was lost in the mail.
I know it’s not me, it’s them. Because I’ve surely got the magic in me, lol.

J.K Rowling wrote that the most famous wizarding school in Africa is here in my home country Uganda, beneath the mountains of the moon(Mt. Rwenzori)

Uagadou is the school’s name.

The slopes of Mt.Rwenzori are also home to the last remaining silverback gorillas in the wild.

To read more about Uagadou, click here

I’ll keep an eye out for the magic school as well when I’m next around the mountains of the moon, soon.

You’re never too old for magic school πŸ˜‰

I’ll catch you all next weekend.

Stay safe and stay loving

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