The path we walk alone. #poetry

what do you see #46

Take a breath
Calm your heartbeat
A thump!…A sigh!…
Step by step
No time to lose
The journey is long
And the day is hard
But who knows what wakes in the night

Sands that change
Dunes that come alive
Winds that thirst

Tread lightly…
The shadows grow long
Dark things begin to stir
Dry winds cast heat aside
And ghast a chilling cold
Will bravery help you
Will persistence earn you reward
The mysteries of life’s journey
And the desert path we all must walk alone

By day, the sun
By night, the stars
The wisdom of those that came before
Our guide through the toughest of times
For the ocean waits at desert’s end,
An oasis for those who see the journey through.

Who shall come
Dredge rock bottom
where few overcome
And thus discover whom one,
is meant to become

© judeitakali

May we never give up no matter how hard things may seem.

Stay safe everyone, and keep loving along the way.

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  1. Beautiful 💖 I published a stanza of a poem from the same topic or theme 💖thanks for inspiring me❣️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. judeitakali says:

      I’m glad I could do that. Let me try and find your post.


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