Masterpiece. The value in us all.

Masterpiece. The value in us all.

Reena’s exploration challenge.

What I’ve done
What has been done to me
Encounters of every ilk
Trials that have shaped my resolve
Nightmares that have come true
And dreams that are now due.
Not many see
The good I’ve done
The kindness I show
The subtle trims I make
And the happiness designed for others.
None can ever know
The struggles I face
The battles that constantly wage
The shameful losses I endure
And the narrow victories I cherish

I have turned my pain into empathy
I have sculpted love from a broken heart
And painted sorrow with hope
Yes, I am a museum full of art
And a deck full of music
But what I truly am,
Is a masterpiece.

The brush-strokes of life
Layered hues and subtle shades
Each one made special

© judeitakali

Reena asked us to incorporate the phrase,

I am a museum full of art and a deck full of music, but…]

No better day than a Friday to remind you of how amazing you are.

May you have a lucky weekend, stay safe and stay loving.

It’s the last day for you to get involved in this week’s feature of The Saturday Symphony.
Don’t miss out, lol.

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