The Artist of my Soul

What do you see #47

Oh to find the one
Who knows you more than any
Never to be yours

What do you see photo prompt

Who are you that sees me so clear
A voyeur who prowls my soul
And drips between its layers
Daring to divulge
Secrets I did not know I had.
How in so short a time
Have you found what none has found in a lifetime
When did you become the artist of my life story
Deftly splodging my pain in patterns across the page
Depicting my fears in adroit designs of nervous hues
Smearing my dreams in lustrous colours and glossy paints

Are you a gift sent to make me whole
A match meant to be
Or are you a curse…
Bait dangled by fate
A taste of what will never be

Oh autumn colours
Old leaves carrying new dreams
Artists of the soul

Eugi’s promptautumn leaves.

While writing this, I kept asking myself;

Can a soulmate be merely a friend(be it, a lifelong one), or is a soulmate meant to be a lover or partner?

I hope you enjoy this,
Please stay safe, and stay loving..

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