Pieces of the Divine. A haiku tale

Pieces of the Divine. A haiku tale

Sometimes a feeling of joy engulfs you,
A gift from the universe.
Where happiness comes from the most unlikely places.

September blossom
Star reflecting the heavens
Libra’s pure delight

When the focus is on you, your beauty shines true.

Dewdrops on petals
Clinging to wisps of summer
Eager for autumn

Reminiscing, but also Anticipating.

Symbol of virtue
Perspiring your innocence
A brave white angel

As season fades, you stand firm. Through autumn glades, you bring calm.

The stars born on earth
Floral gems that mimick dreams
Immaculate gifts

For within nature, we find far more than we seek.

AmyRose photography

Shout-outs to Jayne for the white flower she posted on Monday, HERE , and for encouraging me to write this post.

And to Amy for the refuge I always find in her photography, HERE

A virtual selfie with one of Amy’s photos

This week has been special for me, finding happiness in a very trying time.

So each day, in each post throughout the week, I’ve shared something a little different, spread under different themes;

And nature for today.
I don’t think I’ll be able to resist horror for tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the haiku and bits of prose,
Stay safe, and always stay loving.

63 responses to “Pieces of the Divine. A haiku tale”

    • Thank you so much Ingrid. Immediately I saw that dewy flower from Jayne, I began itching to do a nature post. Sat on it till last night though because I had more than one itch, lol. I finally got there though. No more itches now😌

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  1. I love the chant-like quality that the haiku gives to the narrative voice in between, like a thread connecting beads. Someone once said that nature is the theater of God’s glory. You’re right. We’re given far more than we seek. 💖

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  2. What a heart touching post. You have so much talent! And what a cute selfie you made from my Crocus, Jude!! I’ve got a grin on my face from ear to ear! God bless you for sharing my passion, my joy to those who follow you here. May we both continue to shine our lights out into the dismal manmade world. Much love to you! xo

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    • It’s more than a pleasure, I loved how the selfie edit came out. It took just one go and it felt right. I guess I really do find a certain refuge in your photos. Cheers, Amy🥂

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  3. Natures blooms are as fascinating as the insects. I think I fount an owlet moth today. Though it was resting most of the orange lower wings were covered.
    You can see more about it here:

    I still have some flowers blooming. The first frost though will get most of them. Hopefully not until late November early December.

    One of these days I ought to do something with the close up flower photos I’ve taken. Like make haiga out of them… (haiku on an image).

    Cheers, Jules

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