Conquering your fear

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

~James Neil Hollingworth~

The spider swings from wall to wall
Hungry eyes
All eight bigger than one
Black and red bellied
An hourglass counting down time
Nine minutes to death o’clock
Hypnotising as it swings
A deadly but sensual shape
And as you watch it, your caution lulls
Your eyes grow drowsy
And you fall into realms of nightmare

But fable and myth don’t scare you anymore
The BloodyMary!
The Candyman!
All these fears are long vanquished
No, your true horror lies in visions of reality
A world where everything that can go wrong
Goes horribly so

A Paramour stabs you in the back
A love that will not die alone
An alleyway of stalkers
The deadly path home
A wall that whispers
House of terrors
But you are strong
You always survive
Conquer and even thrive
This fear will not put you down
Your mind will turn this dread around
A hero that always slays their beast

Yes, the spider swings from wall to wall
So take a breath, blow and watch that hourglass fall
Fear, fleeing the brave

Face your fear with awesomeness

The hourglass-looking poem is a nonet, and it is shaped that way to symbolise transition, or the passage of time.(fear to bravery in this case)

A black widow spider has a red hourglass on its belly, and that’s what inspired me to use a nonet.

I hope you come out of this a little braver. And a little bit scared too.
Stay safe and stay loving.

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