The Saturday Symphony #13 (Rhythm of autumn)

Hi everyone, welcome to the 13th edition of The Saturday Symphony.
I’m glad you can read this, and I’m eager to share with you as well.

Become one with the season

First, here’s a tanka to kick us off;

Season of autumn
Where to fall is to prepare
Brace for winter’s chill
In life we fall many times
A chance to rebuild anew

This week’s three featured posts

  1. The tale of Betsy Mae by MariamMichaela – nostalgic with beautiful rhythm.
  2. A song for September by Luisa – If you love September, you gotta love this.
  3. Sailing the moon by K – you have to admire a splash of art flourished with poetry



Let us go retro this week and share a thought on the season, with rhyme and flow.

Let us share some of the music in our hearts.

Have fun with this, use any form of writing, or flow with images, even dance through art.

Don’t forget to pingback to this post so I can find you, and so others can join in.

Let your emotions rhyme and flow

Ponderous writers from last week’s feature

“HAUNTINGS -set a horror scene”

This week’s posts were very special to me. I read them all as little birthday gifts from the blogging community. I know you’ll love them too.

Thank you all, so much love.

Goat meat skewers with a best friend, was hard to smile with a mouthful. I’m the one in black btw.

Don’t forget to use this week’s ponderous thought above.

Be sure to pingback to this post, and also paste the link to your post in the comments section just to be sure I find you.

Remember to love, and then love some more.
I know I will.

The Saturday Symphony

60 Comments Add yours

    1. judeitakali says:

      Thank you so much Kim. I usually read these on Wednesday where I give them all the attention they deserve


    1. judeitakali says:

      Thank you so much EugiπŸ’•


    1. judeitakali says:

      Thank you so much Mindfills πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’•


  1. Roshni says:

    A lovely tanka Jude. Really enjoyed this week’s featured posts.πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Here’s my take on autumn:


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