Mystics of nature

Image by Everything Mom

The morning Robin sings
A tune scented with the seasons
Music borne on a waning summer breeze
Fresh with the fading breath of fallen autumn leaves
And cool with a subtle hint of cleansing winter
A melody of fortune
Carrying dreams from night, into day
A song of souls

And yet the heart still yearns
For while sunrise may set the soul ablaze
It is sunset that brings the heart to life

As the nightingale pipes its sensual tune
And the thrush trills a dancing rhythm
The heart awakens

At the first glimpse of a twinkling star
Serenading the last light of a setting sun
Love arises

The things we seek
And those that seek us
Which ones may hold
The secret to our joy
For none may patent
The happiness we crave
Except for nature
With the happiness we need.

Image @pintrest

Eugi’s weekly prompt – mystical.

I hope you enjoy this,
Stay safe, and stay loving.

© judeitakali

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