Dreams of Tomorrow #TWT

Dreams of Tomorrow #TWT

What do you see #51

Drunk on the prescience of dreams
I clung to love’s premonition
You and I together, forever.

But forever was ending

It is said that true love waits,
But time waits for no one.

Eugi’s weekly promptforesight
Bubble’s twenty word Tuesdayunbalanced.

This song was in my head while writing this, lol.
Apologies for the hoarse late night voice.

52 responses to “Dreams of Tomorrow #TWT”

  1. Sounds like the the hardest aspect if life to understand, as when two things are at odds: “It is said that true love waits, / But time waits for no one.” Good work!

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  2. Kitties are sleeping on low volume I couldn’t hear the words in the video.

    Forever can seem timed and timeless. I was watching a Star Trek episode where Mr. Worf ends up in several realities at once… Needless to say it was confusing for him and those he had to leave behind when e finally made it back to the time line he belonged in.


    • Thank you Jane. I was reading a book called ‘the artist’s way’ and it said to feed our creativity, take yourself somewhere you like atleast once a week, and just observe and hang with yourself, no lover, no friends, just you with you, I may do karaoke in one of those days, a stranger in a hoodie yelling into the mike, hehe


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