Nature’s Spirit lines

She calls!
A sigh upon the monsoon
A whisper, chiming through vast Savannah plains
And a soothing breeze, gliding on rumours of winter

Where I am
There, the ley-lines meet

Come find me, she coos and coxes
A mother, dangling a reward for an eager child.
Follow the ancient lines of old
Slide the angles on the map
And protract your soul into the ether
Call to me, as I call to you.

Where it all began
You cannot fully recall
You can only feel
When life’s mystic lines unite
And love intersects with peace

© judeitakali

This post involves three photo prompts that all harmonized naturally for me;

  1. Colleen’s weekly challengefirst image.
  2. Reena’s exploration challengesecond image.
  3. Sadje’s What do you see third image.

Writing this was really refreshing,


If you missed yesterday’s post, I think you should go check it out here;
Guardians of the veil

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