The Saturday Symphony #16 (Fairytale edits)

Hi everyone, welcome to the 16th edition of The Saturday Symphony.

I’m glad you are all well enough to read this,
Strap in, read, enjoy and get ready to change some fates;

Beauty and the beast
What if the roles were reversed?
Would love still come through?

This week’s three featured posts

  1. A waning vanity by foxesandpoems – Captivating.
  2. Worldly cage by Rishika Kakar – Poignant and profound.
  3. Silhouette by Shubhi Rawat – Highly Intriguing.
Roll back the years this week



Ever wanted to change the fate of one of your favourite fairytale characters?

This week share with us,
Which character?
In which tale?
And how you’d change their fate.

Don’t worry little bot, your happy ending awaits

Any form of writing, image or art is more than welcome.
Be sure to have fun with this.

Don’t forget to pingback to this post so I can find you and so others can also join in.

Ponderous writers from last week’s feature


Thank you all, so much love.

At my friend’s traditional wedding in the village. I’m on the far left with a couple of great friends

Don’t forget to use this week’s ponderous thought above.

Be sure to pingback to this post, and also paste the link to your post in the comments section just to be sure I find you.

The Saturday Symphony

© judeitakali

Can’t wait to hear from you.
Stay safe, and stay loving.

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