The things we don’t deserve. (Poetry and prose)

Round life’s winding bend
Who knows which fate is lurking
Perverse or Pleasant?
When good is made to suffer
And evil goes unpunished

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I wish I could implore karma to commune with fate,
And descry this unsettling riddle.
What draws evil to good,
And what dooms good to stopping evil?
Are they bound to balance the cosmic scales,
Good, paying the price for peace.
And evil, giving home to those who succumb to temptation.

I’d like to believe all hearts are born good
That this world corrupts them with evil
But why is doing bad simpler?
Why does it come so easy?
Temptation with pleasure
Yet virtue is hard
A sacrifice,
To resist

People say that some things are more important than the right thing.
Sacrifices that let the darkness sip in.

True horror is when evil corrupts good
Demons haunting a lonely convent
A ripper stalking virgin girls
Cursed dolls that want to play
And clowns after little boys.
Monsters in the closet
Fears beneath the bed
And lost souls

Horror is born when evil seeks out good.
And heroes evolve, as good stands up tall.
Twins born of this eternal battle.

When the sun sets on hallows eve,
The moon alights with pale mischief,
And evil stirs, corrupting souls
Be weary of, what darkness holds.

I wrote this for Ingrid’s Halloween special – horror poetry.

I hope you enjoy this;
The questions, the prose, poetry and the halloween spooks.

I’d really love to know what you think about these.

© judeitakali


Keep an eye out for the tanka and pair of etheree poems.

Hope you’ll bear with my posts this week,
I think I caught the Halloween bug.

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