Through the rain. A haiku and Renga collaboration.

Through the rain. A haiku and Renga collaboration.

Aishwarya and I are back with a rain collaboration.

This time we used the haiku form, with accompanying one liners.
And even wrote a Renga at the end.

She wrote in (light italics) and I used the (bold italics)
Hope you enjoy this.

Through the rain

Do you see it,
Rolling in on darkened clouds.
Can you catch its elysian scent,
Tumbling on the torrent winds.
A promise,
And a warning!
The feeling that things will not be the same,
Or scourged?

Through her incessant,
Downpour, she communicates,
Forlorn or happy?

When it rains, cheer on Earth reigns, is nature happy unburdening herself?

For erosion smoothes the rough edges, and draws new lines of potential.

As deluge cascades
Reflections of the self glisten
Splashes of new life

Tears renew spirit
So does rain, washes old.
New memories made

Sometimes a tear or two energises self, beginnings are forged.

For whatever it destroys, it blossoms anew.

Drops of purity
Righteous in anger and joy
Divine and benign

A streak of lightning
Thunderous rumble, a smile,
Magical showers

Its surprise and magic never fail to bring out the child in us.

Its pit-n-putter rhythm is a song of peace, that brings rest to weary souls.

Spasms of current thrum
The fizz of ozone ripples
Hope’s rainbow refracts


After winter break
White canvas of Earth springs growth
Green flourishes till…

Whilst scents of summer flutter
And flirt with shy autumn winds

A Renga is a tanka written by 2 people, usually about the seasons.

For Colleen’s weekly challenge – The rain washes away many illusions.


Check out Kittysverses for more beautiful poetry.

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