Winds of adventure #poetry and #prose

Virtual photo by James Paick

Do you feel the call,
Tingling at your fingertips,
Rattling through nerve and bone

Stand upon an urban hilltop,
Gaze outside a country window,
Let your eyes survey the landscape,
And inhale the winds of adventure.
Unshackle your soul and let your spirit free.

It calls through many ways;
Images that imprint,
Stories that thrill,
And art that captivates

Come! It seems to say
Through wonders and subtle hints
Imagination, a required skill
And emotions to motivate

Creating realms
Beauties from wildest dreams
The heart swoons and the mind exalts
May all the thrill seekers beware
Epic conquests await
Fears unconquered

Be the hero and avenge the ones you love
Be the villain and give in to primal instinct,
Let your spirit free, and let yourself be.
For adventure always calls
Even when trapped indoors.

Watch a chunk of Tolkien,
Let it be your haven.
Read a bit of Rowling,
And twilight if you feel like falling.
‘Three dark Crowns’ awaits
Or Star wars with twisted fates.
For adventure is everywhere.

Find it;
Right outside your door,
Or in the attic storage.
In that book you’ve never read,
Or the one you read a thousand times.
In the virtual world of gaming,
Or the mind of beloved toddlers.
In the epic movies that last a lifetime,
And in this life, you live each day.

Adventure always calls.

© judeitakali

Hope you enjoy this.

Stay safe, and stay loving.

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