Hey everyone.
I hope you are all having a positive start to the New year.
Due to increased committments on my end, The Saturday Symphony is now a monthly feature(every last Saturday)
I apologise for any inconveniences, and pray you stay a part of it.

Let’s dive right in;

Kiss me
Just kiss me
Make me forget the pain
Make me forget the worry
Make me dream
Just for a moment

Unsurprisingly, the theme for February is a lovey-dovey one.
But first;

January’s five featured posts

  1. Gypsy soul by Confessionsofpassion – So beautiful and soulful.
  2. The birth of night by UrsusArt – Intriguing and captivating.
  3. The Second by Sirishty Thakur – Epiphanies and conquering fear.
  4. Baby Ballerinas and climate reality by Tara Sitser – An impassioned experience and plea.
  5. Hide by Ruelha – Things beyond us.

Taste this love upon my lips
Virgin and unbesmirched
Guide me well
And I’ll follow with hope
For I choose you
To be my first



This February, creatively share about your first kiss,
The feeling,
The setting,
How you’d imagined it beforehand,
Did you regret it,
Or is it a fond memory of innocent times?

These are just some angles from which you can approach the prompt, otherwise just ‘do you’ and enjoy coming up with something.

You’re more than welcome to use art, images, and any form of writing.
Be sure to pingback to this feature; by copying its link into your post.
Do this so I can find you, and feature your post in the February edition.

Each nerve listening
The sacred feel
Of a first time

Ponderous writers from the last edition


Thank you all,
I’m so late but I’m here.
Lots of love.

Me, in the brown pants, and a few of many lifelong friends from my boys-only college
At a friend’s wedding this January
This January. Another friend’s wedding. I’m in there somewhere. 10years later, our year from that boys only college, still thick as thieves.

Okay I always share some part of what I’ve been up to, after the ponderous writers.
And thus we come to the conclusion.

Closed away in school
Months of love letters
Cradled each night
Until the holidays
Would bring us together
A first kiss
That lasted forever
Lips that knew their days were numbered
All those many years ago

Remember to pingback to this post, and to paste the link to your post in the comments section, just to be sure I find you.

Can’t wait to read your entries. Stay safe, and have a wonderful February.

The after-party silent disco.
Meanwhile we were all Covid free, plus it’s really hard to drink with a mask on.

© judeitakali

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46 responses to “THE SATURDAY SYMPHONY #22 (First Kiss)”

  1. I’m seriously, seriously in love with the poems. The passion for the first kiss almost strengthening the notion that first love never dies. I love the idea even if my first love means nothing now haha

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Jessica. I really understand about a first love fading away into a memory that doesn’t mean anything anymore.
      It’s just a start for many, into the realm of romantic love.

      Liked by 1 person

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