Spirit Invasion. A cinquain and etheree collaboration (Part 2 of 2)

Spirit Invasion. A cinquain and etheree collaboration (Part 2 of 2)

…..That time is no more
The darkness is now sentient
And the light has sent its warriors
Too few
But the battle has began!

From Part 1

She woke
To the sound of an alarm
Checking time to confirm morning
It was darkness that greeted
Not the usual light
The birds didn’t chirp
Neither was the sun anywhere in sight
The neighbors weren’t around and about
Neither did the milkman arrive
Only the insects crooned
And darkness was light

The Coming was not what we expected
Spirits needed mortals to survive
But angels would not possess men
And so, outnumbered, they chose
From the creatures of night
To fight in shadows
Nocturnal aids
To the few
good men

Messes nature
Moonlight their only touch
Confounded by street lights, path lost,

She led the resistance, blew the power
For the lights confused the night creatures
And the angels needed an edge
How ironic it all seemed
That in darkness was hope
And the enemy
Haunted the day

Life’s light
Bringer of hope
Caregiver of comfort
Life exists on the other side too

Long night
When the Wild
Came for Evil
When Good proved to all
That darkness comes from light
And angels dwell in them both
So if you wake and cannot see
Then listen for the creatures of night
And know that Good will always be Stronger!

In droves
They congregate
On doors of supreme light
Regain life, like it used to be

Once, we loved the dawn
Sighed with relief at sunrise
But now we wait for dusk
To glow by twilight
For when the spirits came,
The world was changed forever.

Hi everyone, as promised Aishwarya and I are back continuing our story in this final part.
Part 1 was a garland cinquain collaboration that concentrated on the evil spirits coming, and ended with the bit we quoted at the beginning of this post.
You can read the first part HERE

In this final part 2, Aishwarya wrote everything in bold(Intro and cinquains)
And I did the other half(etherees and conclusion).

We do hope you enjoy and share your thoughts on this two part series.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

Please visit Aishwarya’s site; @kittyverses

Be sure to check out and possibly participate in this month’s The Saturday Sympyhony (First Kiss)

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