Memoirs of fantasy. #Haiku reflections

Memoirs of fantasy. #Haiku reflections

At the end, you have to go back to the beginning


As a young boy, I grew up on tales of fantasy
Wondered along with Dorothy,
Down the yellow brick road,
Through boundless fabled lands

The Secret garden
Merlin and his magic wand
The strength of belief

My very first books were of princesses and knights, villains and heroes.

Dark Rumpelstiltskin
Alice comes from wonderland
To show you the light

So as I lie here reminiscing and reflecting upon their deeper meanings,

Oh Pinocchio
What if you don’t tell a lie
But withhold the truth

I think of the feminist who sulks, because the princesses always needed knights.
And I beg to differ.

Rapunzel up high
It was the prince in distress
He who needed you

In most of those tales, the main character was female.
It was her story,
She was the centre,
And the Knights would never have shined, if she had not accepted them.

Sad Cinderella
Your happiness was out there
His, was only you

I think deeply about the effects of these tales,
And I can now understand,
Why many who grew up on them
Subconsciously treat the women in their lives,
As the centres of their story
As more than equals
As dreams they must be worthy of.

Beautiful Snow-white
To see you is to love you
Pining for your kiss

Unburdened of these reflections,
I can now freely recall,
A few of my other fairytale delights,

Jack and the beanstalk
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Brave Maleficent

Hansel and Gretel
The little red riding hood
Beauty and the Beast

Fairytales are magic
The old and the new
Unbesmirched by inequality
Their deeper lessons of truth, love and virtue
Always reign supreme

Aladdin, Mulan.
Mogli in his Jungle-book
And, The Lion King

I did explore the other side of fairytales too,
The side with The Piper’s siren call
The side with thrills and shivers;

The Goosebumps series
The Sinbad, Jones adventures
And Lovecraft’s horrors.

One day soon I’ll share some local fables,
Consult dear old Gran and mum for details,
For most of them are oral
And maybe in the future
I will write some,
For the generations to come.

You don’t find the most important books in your life,
They find you.

© judeitakali

Hey everyone,
I had to restrict myself to fairytale fantasy,
Otherwise this would have been overrun by ‘The Lord of the rings’ andHarry Potter’ and comic book heroes.

I hope you enjoy this,
And that you feel free to let the little ones enjoy their pick of fairytales.

This month’s issue of The Saturday Symphony comes out this weekend, so go on over and join in to get featured, HERE

Don’t get for the little ones, scary tales like, ‘The Goosebumps’ and ‘Lovecraft’ series;
Those they’ll find for themselves If, or when ready.

I left out so many fairytales,
Remind me of your favourite ones while growing up, and what you think of this post, in the comments section.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

45 responses to “Memoirs of fantasy. #Haiku reflections”

    • Yes too nice perhaps because of the detail. Fantasy is so vast, even Game of thrones and so many vampire things so I had to reign this into those universal fairytales which many people read or heard while growing up

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  1. This was a wonderful journey through a fairytale landscape. An interesting point about the females being the most important characters. I think you are right, but unfortunately in real life many women do not get treated like princesses!

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  2. ‘In most of those tales, the main character was female.
    It was her story,
    She was the centre,
    And the Knights would never have shined, if she had not accepted them.’

    One needs to understand this. Wonderful read for me.
    I need to read fairy tales and write something upon them too. Thanks for inspiring. 🙂

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  3. Love it!
    I began my love for reading because my mom made up her own stories and I always looked forward to it. Got my very first fairytale book at 5 or 6 and still have it to this day.
    I love the fairytales you mentioned, Jude. One story that has always been a favourite of mine to this day is The Selfish Giant.

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  4. As usual, you have woven your thoughts seamlessly. Personally, I have no desire to be a princess–just treat me as an equal. But I do agree that fairy tales have important lessons to teach. And you should definitely record your local stories. (K)

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  5. What a wonderful journey through fairytale land. I love and remember all of these. As a child, my favorites were Cinderella, and Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. You did a fabulous job of blending the fairytales in your poems. 🌹

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    • Thank you so much Eugi, for recognising and mentioning the blend especially,
      I was going to write separate, my thoughts first, but I didn’t like the vibe so I had to scrub and do something more fun so that a post on fairytales does not come off too serious, more like fun with a few lessons or serious views. Just like fairytales are.

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  6. In stories, Fairytales or otherwise, I think about how they show us that many of our greatest tasks can’t be done alone. What makes the main character go from simply existing [one-dimensional] to hero or heroine is their relationships to others. How you treat others and how they treat you, is more important than what name gets said/shouted/whispered fifty times throughout the story.

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    • Alas not all stories are about how you treat others. Sometimes the villain ends up saving the village/land/world.
      But I totally get what you are saying, everybody is a protagonist in their own story.

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  7. Fairy tales, one thing that inspired many of us to read, from the small volumes to the edited editions. They helped shape my reading culture and I was never the same and I guess so many others share my experience.
    My all-time favorite was ” The beauty and the beast” it reminds me that not all is bad there’s always some good hidden inside just waiting to be awakened. I still go back to my fairytale and time and again if I can’t read them then I watch them. But am thankful for they shaped my imagination.
    Thanks Jude for refreshing my childhood memories 😘

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  8. Wow! Sounds great. You listed all my favorite books here. I still read these stories. When the students are taken to the library period, I read it again with them. I love Fables, Aesops, Panchatantra, Anne Frank’s Diary, Sherlock Holmes, Quiz Books, Science Magic Experiments and more. For the free period, I prefer to sit in the library. Seeing my madness,the headmistress gives me a ‘library verification'(check)’ and I keep notes of the new books I want to read. I enjoyed your post very much, Jude. ❤️

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