Needs of Nature #poetry and #prose

This is the story of a seed,
Precious and fragile
And a girl who met a boy
At the end,
And at the beginning…

Bold little Yolanda
Throat parched from acrid air
Eyes stung by ozone’s glare
Child of the end

Brave simple Ioane
Skin sapless and blistered
Forlorn and sequestered
Wielder of hope

None knew destruction better than Yolanda
The scars of desolation
The hopelessness of loss
And the stench of extinction
For she was born at the end of the trees
When the rivers went sour
And the sky was torn apart
Suffering was her mother
And yet always, in each moment
With each raking breath
She hoped

A bee and a flower
A Sight lost for decades
From nature long decayed
A dream come true

Comes a boy and a gift
The last any had seen
A seed, the world’s vaccine
Hope entrusted

‘A tree can birth a thousand species’
Gran had told Ioane
Find the place where green still grows
And there you’ll plant this seed of hope.
He was born amidst the dessication of pollution
Sifting the cesspools for sustenance
Feasting on rats and roaches for dinner, if lucky.
But still he embraced the loneliness and hardship of this destiny
To seek out a new beginning
To grow the green the ancients had destroyed

Yolanda, Ioane
Heirs to a dying world
Their fates twisted and knurled
Driven by pain

A bold girl,
She knows the way.
A brave boy,
He carries hope.
The womb
And the seed
Of a world reborn

Yes this is the story of a seed
A tale of caution
To care for the generations to come
To save all on the verge of extinction
And preserve that which we take for granted
But mostly
This is a tale of reconciliation with nature
Before it’s too late
Before there’s no place with clean water
Or no place, but the water
Once the ice melts.

© judeitakali

I’m getting into the habit of starting each month with something on conservation and climate.
I try to tell it a bit different,
For your reading pleasure,
And some of your attention as well.
Hoping to help us all, kickstart the month with a green attitude.

Don’t worry, my site gets more positive and diverse after this first post,
whose major aim is to make sure we don’t keep our heads in the sand.

Hope you enjoy the Abhanga poems and the fiction prose.

You can see last month’s Green starter here;
The Scents of Eucalyptus

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

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