Immortality #prose and #poetry

Immortality #prose and #poetry

Oh to want to be remembered,
To build a legacy,
And live on,
As an immortal.

Sometimes I ponder on the origins of the ancient gods
What fits of ingenuity
And insights into science
Brought them renown
What tutelage from nature
And profound bond with the cosmic forces
Earned them awe and reverence
I often wonder what things they saw
In our world
And in the realms astride reality
How they unlocked the mind
Beyond the mandane
Creating the marvels and terrors
That made them immortal

The eyes are a gift
An anchor to this world
A means to explore its wonders
And feed the soul its beauty
But existence is more than meets the eye
The truest sight is the one within
The one sailing on clouds of dreams
And raging in storms of fear
The one with empathy from desire and despair
Filled with the enlightenment of imagination
The sight of immortals

Eagle in the elm
With this lens, I see you true
Still; you see much more

So I close an eye
And sync with the one inside
Gaze into the world of others
Stare into the alternate
And see, as all immortals have seen

And light
Stars of night
Share the secret
Of how you all delight
How difference is a trinket
And why balance is what I most covet
I long for immortality, to leave my mark
Chasing dreams, without a single regret
When life binds, I seek an outlet
I look beyond plain sight
To change my fate
To Rewrite
Fight, and

Let the rain cascade
Let it douse this fire within
Let my ambition
Be tempered by gratitude
Immortality can wait
I live and dream of rainbows

Oh to live forever
But stay the same
To be cursed by a blessing.


The land calls to you
But the sea will never let you go

© judeitakali

A number of my favourite prompts, aligned with my thoughts for this post.
So I joined them together.
I hope you enjoy.

As you can see, the images I used are all from the prompts, and the theme of immortality came from Colleen.

In bold italics; is a haiku, diatelle, and a tanka.

I Look forward to your thoughts.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

75 responses to “Immortality #prose and #poetry”

  1. I remember a particular Sci Fi episode of a powerful immortal – who just wanted to be left alone…

    I cannot imagine what the Gods of the ancients must have thought of this world to gift things like fire or life to mortals…. and then to retreat and let nature take its course. Though some say the Gods, at least some of them if you pray the right way may answer your requests or prayers… but maybe not exactly in the way you expect 😉

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      • I’m not sure what you mean about the diatelle… it’s a set rhyme scheme of abbcbccaccbcbba with the corresponding syllable counts per line. When you use capital letters, that creates a refrain which means it creates a repeating line in the poem. Did you mean the Abhanga? The “x” and “y” letters always mean that line is unrhymed. Does that help?

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      • Yeah I rhymed normally but I’m used to seeing them capitalised, and the one time I saw small case, it turned out to mean refrain, so I was a little confused this time but I rhymed directly, as you have seen.

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  2. Great imagery both in your choice of verse and photographs but the shifting perspectives often changes the tone of the piece abruptly, making it less cohesive as a whole but I could feel your desire for immortality so great work

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    • Yeah I noticed the not so smooth transitions but alas, i limit the length of my blog poetry so transitioning is sharper because I usually want to somewhat encompass as much as possible.

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