Table of gratitude #poetry #writephoto


In the bowels of loneliness
I am consumed by reminiscence
And my mind swirls with memory
Simple acts take centre stage
While largest deeds place down the line

In the solace of solitude
I remember most fondly
The smile undeserved
The hand unrequested
And the time unpayable
For at the table of gratitude
When the ripples of memory have settled
It is not how much one is given
But the feelings imparted
And the potential for growth
In what is given

So reach!
Cradle each heart
Touch the pain, stay besides
Soothe with hope and dream together
Be kind

Earn your place, at the table of gratitude

Often we seek help from others.
Many times we feel like we have nothing to give.
But kindness and compassion don’t cost a thing
And it is these things, that can make the biggest difference.

Eugi’s weekly prompt

© judeitakali

I hope you enjoy this.

KL Caley #writephoto prompt

Eugi’s weekly prompt

I’ve not been able to read much this week,
But I do get time to save some posts for later,
So I’ll be catching up in due time.

Stay safe everyone. Stay loving.

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