Layers. Journals of the sea.

Layers. Journals of the sea.


The Sea!
This vast wretched sea
Long have these accursed waters imprisoned me
I ache for the freshness of unsalted rain
Praying first to the light
And then invoking the darkness
Yet nothing changes
The air still smells of salt
I taste it in all that I eat
And even my dreams now sting with despair
Each night the scabs of memory rub raw
And I spiral into endless chasms of depression

I do not remember much now
No grudges, no ambitions, no remorse
Only a blurring face,
And a fading love…


The Sea!
My greatest love
How I long to feel the ebb of her gentle current
To rock and wrestle her harshest tantrums
To marvel at the heavens all around
Dreams above, and dreams below!
How cruel of fate that my limbs be broken
That I gaze from this tower each night
That I but taste the tired ocean breeze
Its most fertile scent, sprayed long before the shore

Yet from here I still watch
A beacon guiding my brothers home
Living off the happiness in their laughter
And the memory in their eyes
In my lonely lighthouse…


The Sea!
A temptress I cannot resist
A wench that can never be mine
What virgin lands does she hold over that pink horizon
What wealth and pleasures await me still
For I have roved far and wide
Plundered and pillaged more than I can stomach
Yet still I recall;
The mystery in the stone,
A key I searched the darkest places to find,
And gave up so much to attain

Alas my soul still yearns for the sea
But that island calls to my heart
And I am forever restless
To find the secret in the stone
So my heart and soul
Can love the sea
As I did of old!


With these tales of the sea, alongside other themes, I hope to show how layered each one of us can be.
So that we may not be quick to judge based on perspectives and perceptions.
For just like the sea, some may like bits of us; some may not like us at all; and others will love us for everything we are.

© judeitakali

For you;
And for these amazing prompts;

  1. Reena’s exploration challengeLayered.
  2. Sadje’s #whatdoyouseelighthouse image.
  3. Caley and Sue’s #writephotoThe secret in the stone.

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Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

44 responses to “Layers. Journals of the sea.”

  1. You’ve written from the perspective of the sea, the maunderer, the marooned and the writer and picked up on their feelings so well. There’s a a depth to your writing that is touching. Thanks Jude for including my prompt in your wonderful poem.

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  2. I love these thee contrasting yet complimentary tales. It’s quite unusual to write poetry from the perspective of a fictional character, so I really enjoyed this!

    Liked by 1 person

      • For now I’m focusing on telling the story while world building. In my first edit, hopefully three months from now, I’ll see if I need to up the style and flourish in some phrases. But the poetic style is there naturally already. Just dulled down. I’m happy to hear from you that it’s not a crime to write a novel that way. Thank you.
        I recall Lovecraft’s books and stories had a heavy poetic style.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Each page, each chapter, each book…
    We ought to be respectful of all the pages, chapters and book covers! Your ending paragraph reminds me of the adage;
    “Never judge a book by its cover.”

    Like the ogre Shriek – we are like onions! We have layers!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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