Love Acknowledgements #haibun

In a different space,
At a different time,
I could have loved you.

Colleen’s ekphrastic photo prompt

The rivers of love
Flow thoughtless and fall reckless
Hidden destinies

She blooms like a rose
Lush, sweet and sensuous
Flirts like an angel; on a night off duty
Her words prick his heart
And desire oozes out against his will
He knows he could love her
That they’d be great together
But each time he blushes…
Then smiles…
And simply walks away

The rivers of love
Splash about with disregard
Tastes of temptation

He smiles like a dream
His eyes dress her in lust
And her heartbeat races each time
She longs to caress and cradle
The sinews and strands that chisel his body
To sate her deepest fantasies
But all she does is look from afar
Never daring
Never risking

The rivers of love
They smoothe the toughest resolves
So dear one; take heed!
Lest you slip to heart’s demise
Breaking upon love’s promise

He smiles but walks away
She craves but stays afar
And once they meet at home
They sigh without regret
Embracing the love they’ve nurtured
Shielded from the trappings;
Of love acknowledgements!

Ever had a partner,
Then met someone and thought to yourself;

In a different space
At a different time
You could have loved them

I believe it’s natural to have love acknowledgements,
As long as you are in control,
And at peace.

© judeitakali

I hope you enjoy this haibun poem that I wrote for Colleen’s tanka Tuesday; in bold italics are a couple of haiku and a tanka.
As usual, I’d like to know your thoughts.

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Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

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