Cooking and Poetry. Reconciliation.

There was a time admission was defeat
When to be wrong, was to show weakness
One by one, friends and lovers left
Until; Alone; I perceived
That the problem was me
How could I say sorry?
How would I change?

She’d told me;
If I saw the error of my ways,
She’d always be waiting,
Always come back.

They’d said
“We cannot get along if you never open up your mind,
If you’re not willing to listen,
To accept that you do not know all!”

So I glazed honey on a set of half-fried ribs
Sprinkled them with a light powdered chilly
And let them simmer in salty olive oil
Inviting all the dear ones I’d pushed away

Then I fluffed some chicken breasts
Lined a set of thighs
Drenched them in egg whites
And doused them in flour with spice
Drizzling down breadcrumbs
And deep-frying to a rich golden brown
Thinking of how conceited I once was

All the while, I’d had green peas on a soft boil
Leafy spinach steaming in a garlic and ginger spiced water
And a sliced fresh veggie-bouquet of ‘sukuma wiki’ –
Sizzling with onions and peppers in a pan
I sprinkled salt and spice on the spinach
Sliced a bunch of avocados, tomatoes and onions
And finally dusted two tall bottles of soft sweet red
A symbol of a terse nature that was sweetening

Three friends who’d held me most dear came
The girl who would always be waiting was no longer single-
Yet still she came
I added a bowl of mashed potatoes to the chicken, ribs, and salad
And we dug in.

With stomachs plied
And throats irrigated
I told them I was wrong
That I’d try.
They teased me, saying it was not possible
I said with their help, of course it was
And they all smiled
Knowing that something had truly changed.

It often takes a little giving to get alot from the people who truly love us, but we can’t always simply receive and never give.

© judeitakali.

Hope you enjoy this. I haven’t updated the Cooking and Poetry feature on my site in a while. Marketing and promoting my book has taken up a fair chunk of my blog but I’m getting up to speed now.

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Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

I didn’t cook this but I’m prepping a replica for the weekend.

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