Know thy treasure. #garland cinquain

Know thy treasure. #garland cinquain

She stands upon a cliff and wonders…
How far?
How long?
How true?

He roams the world and ponders…
For her?
For me?
For us?

“I have followed ambition, I have chased the dream; yet all else I found, I left behind!”


This gold
Stay ye away
Treasure that blinds one so
Whilst thy love dwindles with the tide

Be when
my heart be sank
To lose its morning star
Beyond riches, and beyond reach

Flee my cutlass
For need plunders my soul
And greed drives me ever further

Cry not
Lest sea be stained
And ye’ curse haunts me’ step
When stars be gone, and I be lost

Cliff and mountain
Away from own desires
Dwells one for whom I am Desire

This gold
my heart be sank
For need plunders my soul
When stars be gone, and I be lost


She was never his dream, but everything else she was; his wench and his lady, his whore and his virtue, his weakness and his strength, yet always he sought the dream; because she was already real, and she could wait, and she was his! But ever he gazed at the heavens and wondered, ‘Is it better to dream alone, than dream together?’ and each time he made the very same wish; “I wish you were here.”

© judeitakali

Hey everyone. I’ve been a little absent but I’m catching up all afternoon so, INCOMING!!

There is quite a bit in today’s post, I hope you enjoy it.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think. I’ve worked out the notification hitch so I can respond to comments as they come in.

Stay safe and stay loving.

79 responses to “Know thy treasure. #garland cinquain”

    • Glad you liked it. There were a number of my entries you didn’t engage with or include in your round up. They must have gotten lost in your spam. I kept wondering why😓
      But I kept writing when I could for the prompt, more often than not🙏🏾

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      • Oh I am so sorry Jude, I do try to go through and clear out my spam box regularly. I was in and out of hospital for a little while and struggling to keep on top of everything so it may have been then, if so I do apologise. I do enjoy your work, it is always so creative and quite different to other entries making it really interesting to add to the collection. Take care. KL ❤

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  1. Good one, Jude! I like it! Interesting side note about Pirates; they practiced democracy long before any country or nation-state did. The Captain was appointed by his men. If he wasn’t a good captain the men would mutiny, toss him over and pick a new captain. (Under the Black Flag, David Cordingly, 1996) 🙂

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    • I actually think it was much like the guys. A pirate’s life though is not ideal for relationships so I’m guessing few guys n gals left loves behind. But there could have been some high sea romance.

      Liked by 1 person

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