Eye of depression #MentalAwareness

Eye of depression #MentalAwareness

This post might be a little raw for some but I hope it is illuminating to many.

Reena’s exploration challenge

Look at me!
Don’t stare but look!
You cannot see it, can you?
Of course you can’t!
For you see only what you want to see!
But if you linger for a moment, you may catch a glimpse
Of the sullen crease on the edge of each beaming smile
Of the flamboyance in faked happiness
The exaggeration in sincerity
And the anger that swiftly follows joy

Look! Because my eyes cannot deceive
All wonder diminishes in their reflection
The light that once sparkled is all but gone
And pain is now my deepest secret
I defend it deligently with walls of sarcasm
And retreat to seclusion, as contingency

Yet each night the walls crumble and despair trickles in;
Taking a sliver of hope
Dousing an ember of love
And tainting a recluse of gratitude!
But still each morning I build those walls up again, reinforce them with pretence
And if you look–if you truly look, you’ll see a smile turn to grimace
A gaze to a glare
And hope into tears

Beyond our own preoccupation, a deeper sight dwells-
To see that reality, is not all that it may seem.

© judeitakali

Reena gave us the image-prompt tagged above, and asked us to list three words that came to mind, before composing a post. My three words were eye, secrets, reflection.

Feel free to share any and all thoughts about this.

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

63 responses to “Eye of depression #MentalAwareness”

  1. You described it very well, Jude. It is important we look closely and be more aware. It’s always good to check in on people and even check ourselves. Well written my friend.

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  2. Loved it. It describes so well of a person who looks strong but is mentally drained yet still smiles like nothings wrong in their life, like you say the one’s who can look through their eyes are the only one who can truly know how they feel.

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  3. It’s true, no matter how we try to hide our depression a false smile never reaches the eyes. You used the picture and the words it brought to mind to write a truthful account of this horrible condition. The last two lines urges us to look beyond ourselves and take notice of the suffering of others.

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  4. A brilliant and insightful write! I although feel that beyond the awareness to mental health there is also some serious social criticism in your lines; feeling low is not necessarily pathological, maybe what is though is the dictatorship of fake and hollow positivity that we are all supposed to exude with!😓
    I relate well on that level, with sarcastic people; (as you mention😜) often a little connivence smirk 😏 breaks us from the very lonely crowd…😥
    Thank you for that brilliant write!🙏

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  5. Wooaahh! I’m just stunned.
    Depression is terrible, it is not something to be romanticized.
    I’m so glad that you focused on the real pain, the worser sides and the reality of depression. It fits the picture very aptly. Love your unique perspectives ❤️

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