A tale of two beauties. Last post before Christmas.

A tale of two beauties. Last post before Christmas.

This is not a love-story
And yet it is a story of love…

Beauty has always been my enemy
They call me a bird, and their eyes track my every movement.
Desire beams from their lustful iris, and pings me in a spotlight of perversions.
My own hopes skulk in the shadows of what others hope for me
And my dreams are engulfed by their need for my beauty-
until all I have left, are secrets I cannot share!
When I escape their profane and uncouth stares, I find that I abhor all beauty around me-
That I am drawn, to dare I say it; Ugliness
And that’s how I met Amani.

Homely as they come, I am shy to gaze upon those of pulchritudinous visage
Few pay me even a glance, and that they do with repulsion, or pity
Yet still, they all come…
For my dream was always to be a baker
And my pastries are unrivaled
Children sneak away from parents
Wives delay husbands
And husbands evade friends
All for a taste, and always an awkward glance!
I have learnt to bare the shame of my hideousness; to always serve with downcast eyes-
That is, until Kalenna came

“Look at me,” she said
Her gaze did not waver
Her eyes wondered over my every displeasing feature,
And then she smiled…

Saatchi art

In all my life I had never seen such an unsightly face
Amani was so ugly that he was beautiful
Each misshapen feature; a masterpiece
The children sang his name
The grown-ups waved friendly greetings albeit with averted eyes
The birds themselves flocked to him
And a bird myself, so did I.

The greatest friendships always find a way
Kalenna loved Amani like she had never loved
And he loved her like he had always loved
Many more customers came because of her
But it was hard for them to ogle her with their mouths full of delicious pie and custard, and cookies, and muffins, and a variety of tantalizing unknowns…
So finally, Kalenna had a voice, and an audience willing to listen.
And because of her, Amani’s eyes would never be downcast again
For side by side, they became the two greatest beauties of the town.

Yes, this is a story of love
A story of friendship.

© judeitakali

Tis a family season but there are those without family or unable to be with family. May our friendship fill that void.

My Christmas message

Merry merry Christmas everyone.

Yeah this is the last post I’m writing till after Christmas, but I’ll be reading on wordpress and commenting, and reposting one or two times.

Stay safe everyone. Stay loving.

40 responses to “A tale of two beauties. Last post before Christmas.”

  1. So loved this tremendous story. Friendships can bloom anytime. And it’s so nice when they complement each other’s life.
    Trememdous. Thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas to you. Stay lovely, Jules. I bless you and wish you miracles.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve also slowed a tad for this month. Family celebrations, some (finally) travel plans – coming to fruition. Though I’ve scheduled Fortune Cookie haiku daily for this month and the few days after the New Year.

    Be well, stay healthy and continue to be the loving person you are!
    I actually made a new friend this year. Some might say an unlikely pairing of two very different women. But we bring each other joy and that is indeed all that matters.

    Always my wish for you – health, happiness and the continued joy of expression through writing about ‘life and awarness’. 😀 💕


    • Ahh, some happy news at last. I’m glad to hear that Jules. Glad to hear about the friend too. I wish you greater happiness too, and the continued sharing of love that you are gifted with. 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, your poetic storytelling is mesmerizing, Jude! Such a lovely post to end the year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and much success to you in the new year. Keep writing, my friend.❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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