What waits in store #poetry

What waits in store #poetry

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you enjoy this.


In the bosom of secrecy, I make a wish
To find that, which my heart desires
A flame I fuel
A light I tend
And always I ask; where, how, and when?
Won’t you come, Oh secret desire
Won’t you stay, Oh hope of dreams
For in these lonely thralls of coldness
Only you, ever remain!

Eugi’s weekly

Journey and not destination
I must be watchful
For though surprise elopes with the unknown
Horrors dwell there as well!
As my soul discovers the ‘where’
As my mind descries the ‘how’
My heart demands the ‘when’
And always, my eyes survey!


Enroute, I find sanctuary
Enroute, I savour a retreat
But only for a while
For reality calls
And my dream, along with it…

Reena’s xploration

Beauty at the expense of beauty, is folly
For virtue lies in co-existence
And so I build my dream upon dreams already found
For there cannot be one without the other
And together, reality melds into fantasy
For always, my wish waits for me to take it!

© judeitakali

Hey guys,
My author dream is so close I can taste it.
And if beta readers are anything to go by, mehn don’t I have a treat in store.

Amidst these trying times, may we all find ways to our deepest desires
And may we cherish what we already have.

Blessed New Year everyone. Stay safe, stay loving.

79 responses to “What waits in store #poetry”

  1. Happy New Year, Jude! I really like this poems, especially the last stanzas and particularly the line “..surprise elopes with the unknown.” For me, that is the whole point of going on adventures! The pictures are great too, each one interesting in its own way. I love trains and I love songs that have rhythms that sound like a train to carry the listener away.

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