Choosing blue #poetry

Choosing blue #poetry

Oh to see you in this light. One that will never change. However bad things get, however far you go, I will always see you this way.

I picked a garb and draped it over thoughts of you
And my, how your image sparkled
I wish you knew
I wish you saw
I wish you felt
Slivers, and heck why not slabs-
Of all your magic in me

Delight of my world
Oh how wild this heart flutters
How deep my zest of longing
Lust I cannot tame
And love I know will break me
Scorched by rays of deepest fear
Watered by drizzles of hope
To bloom this rainbow of You!

So I pick the finest garb
And dress these thoughts of you
With coolness
With softness
With tamed prospect
For in this rainbow of emotions
For you, I pick the colour Blue.

© judeitakali

For Colleen’s syllabic challenge, I wrote the Choka in bold, with a syllabic meter of (5-7-7-5-7-5-7-7-7)

I hope you are all well. Looking forward to your thoughts. Stay safe everyone. Stay loving.

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