Lost soul. #Abhanga #Villanelle #Shadorma

Lost soul. #Abhanga #Villanelle #Shadorma
Colleen’s ekphrastic image

The shadows of my loss
Linger-on inside me
They cling to scraps of thee
Gone forever

Pain rattles in this void
My heart, broken of you
My mind, frozen on who
I am empty

The past grips my present
How delicious its kiss!
How tempting its lost bliss!
Soul’s denial


Salvation is calling to me
Through mists, I hear its lure
But will you ever set me free?

Your love stole my soul and now demands a fee
Acceptance, the price for my cure
Salvation is calling to me

I taste the light that holds darkness’s key
Its touch is soft, its shades cool and pure
But will you ever set me free?

There is one who has woken my love to a certain degree
Is it time, or is it premature?
Salvation is calling to me

Her name is Marie
I say and think it with guilt and demure
But will you ever set me free?

Oh to lose a love meant to be
To have touched Elysium, then left behind to endure
Yet still salvation calls to me
But will you ever set me free?


Door to light
A key of darkness
One to find
One to hold
Balance unveils true beauty
Soul, come back to me

© judeitakali

This is all one poem with three different forms. I love these forms and how they challenge me:

Hope you enjoy this. Stay safe, stay loving.

66 responses to “Lost soul. #Abhanga #Villanelle #Shadorma”

  1. This is beautiful Jude. This line in particular creates deeper thought and a sense of hope . “I taste the light that holds darkness’s key” As always, so beautifully penned. ♥️

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  2. O wow! What a beauty this poem is. I flow is the poem for one is splendid and reading through it felt like I was reading some sort of movie script, it is incredible. 👏👏👏👏

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  3. Jude, like Kerfe said, I live the way you choose to approach the prompts with different poetic forms. Your abhanga trio is superb. Waterhouse’s paintings are full of creative energy. I think you picked up on the woman’s emotions. The crystal ball is such a giveaway… I wonder what she saw? ❤

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  4. Your story poem carry the theme of love and loss to new levels.
    And it reads as if it comes from a past era filled with romance, challenges, and the hope of renewal.

    (a side note; when you copy your url for Mr. linky make sure it has the http//: in front of it – https://wordeologist.wordpress.com/2022/01/19/lost-soul-abhanga-villanelle-shadorma/ – without the http:// the link takes us to an Opps that can’t be found page;
    wordeologist.wordpress.com/2022/01/19/lost-soul-abhanga-villanelle-shadorma/ doesn’t work.)

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