The polygamous woman. Poetic prose.

The polygamous woman. Poetic prose.


the breaking of established rules,

or destruction of accepted beliefs

Xploration challenge

It is a common conception that a man can love many women,
And a woman like me, should only love one man…
But is it my fault that they all love me,
And that I love them…

One, whose embrace thrusts me into realms of unbridled ecstasy
Whose slightest touch ripples through my body –
butterflies that send my heart racing
And tingles of desire that arouse my deepest primal lust

A second, whose words lubricate my mind
Such that it churns with ideas and imagination
Such that each thought is an epiphany
And each rumination improves me.
For my world can never be dull with him.

And then there’s a third
We hardly speak, but for lone sequestered words
Words weighted with such consummacy that I become addicted.
We barely touch, but for a graze and a ghost caress
A caress that without explicable reason, sweeps all my problems away..

They all love me
And I love them
I know what each wants, and I give it without reserve.
Be it with the rhythm of my body
Or the clever words that slither from my tongue
Be it with my presence alone
Or the touch that says, “I am here and I’ll always come back.”

They do not speak of our affairs
For they know they will lose me
And I, in turn, keep them secret
For a pariah, I will be labelled
Unable to look at my father, or walk with my mother

And yet still, I am theirs
And they are mine
And my soul is at peace.

A polygamous woman.

© judeitakali.

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy this. It was inspired by Reena’s xploration challenge (prompt- ICONACLASM)

Reena asked us to subvert common beliefs or tropes and I chose this one. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

86 responses to “The polygamous woman. Poetic prose.”

  1. Okay, aside from the poem as a poem, and as a proper feminist I just want to insist on condoms, because polygamy is a big STD super-spreading kind of party pooper… Definitely birth control pills too since raising kids is a commitment and condoms aren’t %100.
    It’s sad to me that out of all the posts under feminism, yours has 33 likes due to the topic of having sex with abandon. And most of your likes are the same bots who read nothing and simply go down the thread click click clicking obliviously.
    That being said, I look forward to more of your poems.

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      • it is not as it seems most of the time.
        The property of the wheel is to rotate. The wheel breaks as it spins but we never stop driving. Before going out mostly first two wheels are checked because vehicle depends on the first two wheels otherwise it will go out of track. So both the wheels have to understand this logic and have to decide whether to run life or ruin the life.In earlier comment I was joking to check your thinking

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  2. Thanks for understanding my joke. The fact is, we can’t mention the wheel theory here. We cannot exchange partners but they must be accepted as they are. This is called Love🙂👍🏻

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    • But we can accept and love more than one. I am always hesitant to define what love is because I truly believe it is vast, lawless, untamable, and beyond a single trait or description. Unique to each one, and affected by many things.

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      • No Jude. This is not right. Real love happens only once and the rest is flirting. This is my opinion,may be others won’t agree. Being polygamous is not good for health. I enjoyed your poem as a fun💙

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      • There are some who can only love once, but I think our hearts are naturally amorous. Many people sometimes find themselves having to choose between close options to pick one to settle with, but only because society dictates it so. But imagine romantic love was not described by man’s laws(which are different depending on culture n what not). Just as we can have three friends, all different, whom we can’t rank or choose between, or three siblings, or children, and yet we can love them all. We can actually love more than one. People say affairs are sexual and fleeting but that is the nature of love, it just happens, and to give up a paramour can be as heartbreaking as giving up a partner, because in the end, love is a feeling, and if we let it, it happens.
        I for one would prefer one partner but we cannot frown upon amorous lovers or ‘gypsy lovers’ and claim that their version of love is not real or true.
        P.S, we are simply having a discussion.

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  3. That was fun and I enjoyed it! I have a lot of friends who are men and that was something that my husband accepted from the beginning. He is my only intimate partner, but all the others are jokingly referred to as “my boyfriends” because as with any friend, I’m here when they need me. We talk, we hang and if I ever have to move, I have a convoy of men with trucks to help me. Hahaha.

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  4. This is lovely, Jude, really. You have such a wonderful way of describing love, not only for the men but for the woman, too. She loves herself most of all. Beautiful.

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  5. When I studied postmodernism at Uni they often spoke about pushing artwork into the grey areas. Grey areas that may make people feel uncomfortable. I think you have captured this here.

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  6. This is nicely penned, as always Jude. I am hearing of polyamory relationships more and more, in my work. While it wouldn’t work for me, I respect this choice for others, and have learned much in listening to what poly relationships bring or at times, don’t bring to others. It is a movement that I hear and learn more about on a weekly basis. Again nicely written and significant to our changing world.


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