Shades of diversity #poetry

Eugi’s weekly

Do you sometimes gaze at the full moon and marvel at its beauty?
Do you wait for night and welcome its reprieve?
Or do you look forward to day and the new things it reveals?
All while your eyes inhale hues dark and light
Shades born of both
As beautiful, and more…

Reena’s xploration challenge

These colours hide us
that we may not be judged
These colours paint us
that we may yet be seen
Their beauty is in diversity
For a colour on its own
is a colour no more

It is often said that all colour is born of white and black
As white on its own is all you can see
And black alone, leaves nothing else to see
No One, without the other!

Sadje’s whatdoyousee

It is little wonder then, that white hands wield this black mask
and colour contrasts all around
That shades dark and light breathe in this union
That they rest, grow, and are reborn in wondrous beauty
Of yellows, browns and tans
Of the colours of life and earth
Of you and me, together as equals!

Copyright judeitakali

I hope you enjoy this. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Stay safe, stay loving.

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38 responses to “Shades of diversity #poetry”

  1. Black moles adorn white faces. The picture looks very beautiful when highlighted with a dark black pencil. Black mascara enhances eye beauty.
    All colors have such a special and unique significance that we are all unique like them.

    Wonderful poem, dear Jude! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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