Gaia’s woes. Collaboration poetry

Gaia’s woes. Collaboration poetry

Something in the air has changed
The flowers have lost their colors
The trees hide in the shadows
The earth is shaking, seemingly in fear
Nature seems to be wilting, dying slowly

This curse began with clouds
Clouds that blackened day like watered ink splotched upon discarded paper
For we wasted the sky and the green and the blue
Tossed them aside for bedeviled prosperity
And when the sun disappeared, we squinted our eyes and moved on
Pretending we had not been warned
And thus the ancient dreads awoke

Thunder roared and many hid in fear
While lightning split open the sky
They come in many forms
They come to cleanse the earth
They will spare no one

Rap-tap-tap they prowl deserted streets
Skree-kree-kree they scrape against the door
We hide in silence, daring neither hope nor love
And yet for an hour each day these dreads retreat
But what can we do with one hour?
An hour to save our children’s world
An hour for reckless love

Still, a glimmer of hope lives in the hearts of those who have tried and fought this downfall of humanity
They try and appease the dreads
Working on what they can for an hour
They toil the muddy soil despite being told by many that all is lost
But their hope and faith is greater than their fears,
So they go on, they persist

It begins with a whisper
Hushed words from cowed lips
We do not speak to each other, we speak only to the plants
hum lullabies to withering trees and wilting shrubs
We need them but many think it’s too late,
Until the first bud blooms.
Only an hour each day; an hour to sing a tree to life, an hour to save a dying world.

Copyright mariamichaela and judeitakali.

I hope you enjoy this collaboration. Michaela wrote in bold italics and I did the light italics. We sort of just went with where the verses took us and it ended up being about nature. Maria also chose the art and I in turn picked the title.

Michaela has an awesome blog with soft and beautiful poetry. I always get the feel good vibe from her site- Maria Michaela poetry

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Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

62 responses to “Gaia’s woes. Collaboration poetry”

  1. I love how this turned out, Jude. Really glad how we just went with the flow and it came out like this. I’ll be reblogging this for tomorrow.

    It was great collaborating with you again, my friend 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

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